ICF Plus

ICF Plus is actually five companies in one and provides a complete range of building services from the initial site preparation and excavation right up to the final completion of your pre-fabricated or custom home. We are a family-owned company with its roots in Alberta. ICF Plus has been providing homeowners with quality service,on time, on budget and to specification for over 15 years.

ICF Plus Excavation does demolition and removal anywhere it is required, even in remote areas. This includes clearing your site and trenching. ICF Plus Screw Piles reduce your environmental footprint and work in diverse soil and environmental conditions. We pleased to use Rotarra Screw Piles, which provide versatile, speedy installation that allows you to begin construction immediately. We are proud to offer the most efficient foundations on the market today, ICF Plus Concrete Forms. We use “Advantage” brand ICF system which allows for extremely fast installations while being cost effective and adaptable to any blueprints. 

We are a Custom Home builder that works with you to plan the perfect project from the ground up. ICF Custom Home Builder will customize a plan that suits your distinct needs and wants with the flexibility you require. With our state of the art 3-D blueprint program you see every angle before approval and total control of your project.

Do you need some options? ICF Pre-Fab Home Packages are quality structures that go up faster and greener! The Sinclair Group is a name long recognized as the industry leader in pre-fabricated homes. They use only premium grade wood and allow an in-house inspection before it arrives on site. Prefabricated Homes take 40% less time to frame than a traditional home which saves you both time and money.

ICF Plus from start to finish ... we get it done!

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